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by Jojo Frey October 20, 2014

Over 100 years old, Snow’s Farmo f Easton, CT is the oldest and largest supplier of organic lawn and garden soils in Fairfield County. The family behind Snow’s Farm is dedicated to organic farming and practices. They offer mulch, soil, manure, sand, stone, hay and firewood. During the holiday season, they also sell Christmas trees.

Snow's FarmThe only animals at Snow’s Farm are cows and chickens. The chickens, given ample space to roam and peck, provide fresh farm eggs that are also sold at Snow’s Farm. The small herd of Scottish Highland cows are not kept for their milk or meat. They are responsible for the farm’s manure production which is the secret behind their rich loamy soil.

On my recent visit to the farm, I loved seeing the shaggy red Scottish Highlanders and
Rosie, the pony who thinks she’s a cow, standing hoof‐high in a pile of seasonal pumpkins, happily munching away!

Snow’s Farm

550 Sport Hill Road
Easton, CT


Truck at Snow's Farm
Snow's Farm Stand

Jojo Frey
Jojo Frey

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