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Use & Care

How to use and care for your butter churn

Jar and Churn top on counterBefore first use, wash the churn with hot water, dish soap and a brush. Let it dry thoroughly before storing. Remove lid for storage to maintain proper ventilation. Maintain sanitary conditions at all times.

Inspect churn before and after each use to make sure that there are no chipped or loose parts. Make certain that no foreign objects end up finished in butter.

Do not swing churn by its arc handle. Keep one hand under glass jar when carrying.

Making butter with children is a rewarding activity, but children must be supervised at all times by a competent adult when operating this butter churn.


Maintaining Your Butter Churn

We have designed the churn for owners and users who appreciate and enjoy the beauty of traditional mechanical tools. Like any mechanical device, your churn requires good maintenance.

Clean your churn thoroughly with soap, hot water and a brush after each use. The glass jar is designed to go in the dishwasher. The paddle is removable and can also be put in the dishwasher.

The transparent dome should be washed by hand as it may lose its luster if washed in a dishwasher. The mechanical top with its gear mechanism should only be washed by hand. Washing it in a dishwasher will dry out the lubrication and may eventually cause screws to come loose. It will also remove the gloss from the wooden hand grip.


Troubleshooting and Repairs for Your Butter Churn

The churn is built with a modular design and traditional engineering hardware that allows for most parts to be replaced if necessary. The screws may need to be tightened from time to time. Parts may need to be replaced if they are worn out or broken. If you are not familiar with mechanical repair work, do not attempt to disassemble the churn.

Churncraft may be able to provide troubleshooting advice, spare parts and repair services, but we cannot guarantee that parts or repair services will always be available.

For repair service, please contact us by e-mail prior to shipping your churn to obtain a service authorization code. We will not be able to accept churns that are shipped to us without a service authorization code. Shipping, the cost of parts and a service fee will be charged to the customer.


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