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Our Mission

The Frey Family

We aim to revive time-proven tools, instruments and devices that use the technologies of the past to enhance the functions of contemporary life.

Our flagship product is a traditional tool that speaks to us on an aesthetic, practical and emotional level.

With our butter churn, we seek to balance quality and beauty with functionality and economy to create a modern classic that can be enjoyed by generations. It is important to us to maintain the vital connection with the past while avoiding all misguided nostalgia.

We want you to have the satisfaction of accomplishing a meaningful task with your own hands. We want to enable you to explore how things work, how things are made and how things relate to your cultural and natural environment. We want to put appealing yet practical tools in your hands that will let you share this experience with your family and friends.

Photo credit: Kate Sears for Country Living Magazine, November 2016

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