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by Jojo Frey October 02, 2017

Poached eggs, baguette and Churncraft butter churn on counter


Chef Silvia Baldini: Part II of The Chef Series 

Chef Silvia Baldini
Silvia whipped up the most delicious eggs – poached with brown butter and crispy sage. 

Though simple, her dish used high quality ingredients and was executed perfectly, which is basically Silvia’s cooking style in a nutshell. So simple, so delicious.


Here's an excerpt from our interview with Silvia in The Chef Series Part II.

What’s your favorite type of meal to cook?

I really like cooking for groups, shared meals, and family meals. My family always has breakfast together every day. It’s a time for us to be positive and connect. I just love cooking breakfast! Poached eggs are a favorite of mine, and making pancakes for my kids. Another favorite breakfast treat is fresh fruit compote over yogurt.

Fried sage in Churncraft kitchen

Browned butter is one of the   easiest sauces to make. It has a deep, nutty flavor that enhances everything. Browned butter and fried sage happen to be a match made in heaven. Next weekend, try this easy-to-make, yet phenomenal breakfast. Don't forget to pick up a crispy baguette!

If you don't know how to poach an egg, check out this   easy-to-follow recipe  from Serious Eats. 

Poached eggs and Churncraft churn Poached eggs with browned butter and crispy sage


Jojo Frey
Jojo Frey

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