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Churncraft Butter Churn

Hand-churned butter is rich, creamy and just tastes better. The Churncraft butter churn is a beautiful, award-winning tool for making fresh butter at home.

Each one of our butter churns is built carefully by hand in our small workshop in Connecticut. We use high quality, custom made materials to create a durable, sturdy and heirloom-style tool. 

Free US shipping on all Butter Churns during COVID! 


  • Churncraft Butter Churn
  • Set of Two Wooden Butter Paddles ($15.00 value)
  • Non-Skid Custom Silicone Pad (keeps the churn in place on smooth surfaces)
  • Complete Butter Making Instructions and Recipes
  • Churncraft Passport


A cast metal frame from Canada, stainless steel shafts and shaft collar machined in Connecticut, bronze bushings, a wooden handle milled in Maine, wear-resistant, precision gears imported from Germany and an easy-to-clean, removable paddle all combine to make our churn a  solid and robust tool. 

The traditional 4 quart glass jar will churn two quarts of cream into approximately 1.5-1.75 lbs. of fresh butter and approximately 3 cups of buttermilk. 


Height: 14.5 inches (37 cm)
Depth: 7 inches (18 cm)

Total Width (including handle): 11 inches (28 cm)



Learn more about the churn here.

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